Source code for quantify_scheduler.operations.shared_native_library

# Repository:
# Licensed according to the LICENCE file on the main branch
"""Module containing shared native operations."""
from .operation import Operation

[docs] class SpectroscopyOperation(Operation): """ Spectroscopy operation to find energy between computational basis states. Spectroscopy operations can be supported by various qubit types, but not all of them. They are typically translated into a spectroscopy pulse by the quantum device. The frequency is taken from a clock of the device element. Parameters ---------- qubit The target qubit. """ def __init__( self, qubit: str, ): super().__init__(name=f"Spectroscopy operation {qubit}") { "gate_info": { "unitary": None, "plot_func": "quantify_scheduler.schedules._visualization" ".circuit_diagram.pulse_modulated", "tex": r"Spectroscopy operation", "qubits": [qubit], "operation_type": "spectroscopy_operation", }, } ) self._update() def __str__(self) -> str: gate_info =["gate_info"] qubit = gate_info["qubits"][0] return f'{self.__class__.__name__}(qubit="{qubit}")'