Source code for quantify_scheduler.enums

# Repository:
# Licensed according to the LICENCE file on the main branch
"""Enums for quantify-scheduler."""

from enum import Enum, unique

[docs] class StrEnum(Enum): """Enum that can be directly serialized to string.""" def __str__(self): return self.value
[docs] class BinMode(StrEnum): """ Describes how to handle `Acquisitions` that write to the same `AcquisitionIndex`. A BinMode is a property of an `AcquisitionChannel` that describes how to handle multiple :class:`~quantify_scheduler.operations.acquisition_library.Acquisition` s that write data to the same `AcquisitionIndex` on a channel. The most common use-case for this is when iterating over multiple repetitions of a :class:`~quantify_scheduler.schedules.schedule.Schedule` When the BinMode is set to `APPEND` new entries will be added as a list along the `repetitions` dimension. When the BinMode is set to `AVERAGE` the outcomes are averaged together into one value. Note that not all `AcquisitionProtocols` and backends support all possible BinModes. """
[docs] APPEND = "append"
[docs] AVERAGE = "average"
# N.B. in principle it is possible to specify other behaviours for # BinMode such as `SUM` or `OVERWRITE` but these are not # currently supported by any backend.