Source code for quantify_scheduler.helpers.importers

# Repository:
# Licensed according to the LICENCE file on the main branch
"""Module containing methods to import and export objects by string."""
import importlib
from typing import Any

[docs] def import_python_object_from_string(function_string: str) -> Any: """ Import a python object from a string. This function does the inverse operation of :func:`export_python_object_to_path_string`. (Based on """ # pylint: disable=line-too-long mod_name, func_name = function_string.rsplit(".", 1) mod = importlib.import_module(mod_name) func = getattr(mod, func_name) return func
[docs] def export_python_object_to_path_string(obj: Any) -> str: """ Get the absolute path (dot-separated) to a python object. This function does the inverse operation of :func:`import_python_object_from_string`. Parameters ---------- obj : Any Any python object. Returns ------- str A string containing a dot-separated absolute path to the object. """ module = obj.__module__ name = obj.__name__ if module == "__main__": path = name else: path = ".".join([module, name]) return path