Source code for quantify_scheduler.helpers.mock_instruments

# Repository:
# Licensed according to the LICENCE file on the main branch
"""Module containing Mock Instruments."""

from qcodes import Instrument
from qcodes.instrument.parameter import ManualParameter
from qcodes.utils import validators

[docs] class MockLocalOscillator(Instrument): # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods """ A class representing a dummy Local Oscillator. Parameters ---------- name QCoDeS name of the intstrument. """ def __init__(self, name: str): super().__init__(name) self._add_qcodes_parameters_dummy()
[docs] def _add_qcodes_parameters_dummy(self): """Use to fake communications.""" self.status = ManualParameter( "status", initial_value=False, vals=validators.Bool(), docstring="turns the output on/off", instrument=self, ) self.frequency = ManualParameter( "frequency", label="Frequency", unit="Hz", initial_value=7e9, docstring="The RF Frequency in Hz", vals=validators.Numbers(), instrument=self, ) self.power = ManualParameter( "power", label="Power", unit="dBm", initial_value=15.0, vals=validators.Numbers(min_value=-60.0, max_value=20.0), docstring="Signal power in dBm", instrument=self, )