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Connectivity examples#

As described in the Connectivity in the User guide, the Connectivity datastructure indicates how ports on the quantum device are connected to the control hardware. Here we show examples of the different ways of specifying connections in the connectivity graph.

One-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many connections#

from quantify_scheduler.backends.types.common import Connectivity

connectivity = Connectivity.model_validate(
            # One-to-one
            ("instrument_0.port0", "q0:a"),
            # One-to-many
            ("instrument_0.port1", ["q0:b", "q0:c", "q0:d", "q0:e", "q0:f"]),
            # Many-to-one
            (["instrument_1.port0", "instrument_1.port1", "instrument_1.port2"], "q1:a"),
            # Many-to-many
            (["instrument_2.port0", "instrument_2.port1"], ["q2:a", "q2:b"]),
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