Defines interfaces for operation handling strategies.

Module Contents#



Defines the interface operation strategies must adhere to.

class IOperationStrategy[source]#

Bases: abc.ABC

Defines the interface operation strategies must adhere to.

abstract property operation_info: quantify_scheduler.backends.types.qblox.OpInfo[source]#

Returns the pulse/acquisition information extracted from the schedule.

abstract generate_data(wf_dict: Dict[str, Any])[source]#

Generates the waveform data and adds them to the wf_dict (if not already present). This is either the awg data, or the acquisition weights.


wf_dict – The dictionary to add the waveform to. N.B. the dictionary is modified in function.

abstract insert_qasm(qasm_program: quantify_scheduler.backends.qblox.qasm_program.QASMProgram)[source]#

Add the assembly instructions for the Q1 sequence processor that corresponds to this pulse/acquisition.


qasm_program – The QASMProgram to add the assembly instructions to.