Module containing the InstrumentCoordinator interface.

Module Contents#



The InstrumentCoordinator component abstract interface.


instrument_to_component_name(→ str)

Give the name of the instrument coordinator component.

instrument_to_component_name(instrument_name: str) str[source]#

Give the name of the instrument coordinator component.


instrument_name – The name of the instrument.


The name of the instrument coordinator component.

class InstrumentCoordinatorComponentBase(instrument: qcodes.instrument.base.InstrumentBase, **kwargs: Any)[source]#

Bases: qcodes.instrument.base.Instrument

The InstrumentCoordinator component abstract interface.

property instrument: qcodes.instrument.base.InstrumentBase[source]#

Returns the instrument referenced by instrument_ref.

abstract property is_running: bool[source]#

Returns if the InstrumentCoordinator component is running.

The property is_running is evaluated each time it is accessed. Example:

while my_instrument_coordinator_component.is_running:

The components’ running state.

_no_gc_instances: Dict[str, InstrumentCoordinatorComponentBase][source]#
close() None[source]#

Release instance so that garbage collector can claim the object.

abstract start() None[source]#

Starts the InstrumentCoordinator Component.

abstract stop() None[source]#

Stops the InstrumentCoordinator Component.

abstract prepare(options: Any) None[source]#

Initializes the InstrumentCoordinator Component with parameters.

abstract retrieve_acquisition() Any[source]#

Gets and returns acquisition data.

abstract wait_done(timeout_sec: int = 10) None[source]#

Wait until the InstrumentCoordinator is done.

The coordinator is ready when it has stopped running or until it has exceeded the amount of time to run.

The maximum amount of time, in seconds, before it times out is set via the timeout_sec parameter.


timeout_sec – The maximum amount of time in seconds before a timeout.

abstract get_hardware_log(compiled_schedule: quantify_scheduler.schedules.schedule.CompiledSchedule) dict | None[source]#

Retrieve the hardware logs of the instrument associated to this component.