The module contains definitions for edges.

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Create an Edge.

class Edge(parent_element_name: str, child_element_name: str, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: qcodes.instrument.base.Instrument

Create an Edge.

This class encapsulates the connection information between DeviceElements in the QuantumDevice. It provides an interface for the QuantumDevice to generate the edge information for use in the device compilation step. See quantify_scheduler.device_under_test.composite_square_edge for an example edge implementation.

property parent_device_element: qcodes.instrument.base.Instrument[source]#

The parent DeviceElement connected by the edge.

property child_device_element: qcodes.instrument.base.Instrument[source]#

The child DeviceElement connected by the edge.

abstract generate_edge_config() quantify_scheduler.backends.graph_compilation.DeviceCompilationConfig[source]#

Generate the device configuration for an edge.

This method is intended to be used when this object is part of a device object containing multiple elements.